Sports Injuries

Sports and Orthopaedic injuries, may occur for various reasons – collisions, trauma, poor conditioning, over-training, landing awkwardly, over-stretching, wear and tear or simply returning to competition too soon. No matter what the underlying cause is, it is very important that all injuries are correctly diagnosed, treated and managed before returning to full sports activity.

The most common sports Injuries treated at the Performance Therapy Clinic include:


Rotator cuff tears and AC joint injuries


Tennis and Golfers elbow, Ulnar nerve disorders.


Acute and chronic pain, Disc bulges, Sciatica


Osteitis pubis, Sports hernia (post surgery rehab), Adductor tendon strains


Sort tissue muscle tears to Hamstring, Quad, Calf , Shin Splints


Meniscal tears and strains, ACL and PCL ruptures (post surgery rehab), Jumpers knee (patellar tendinopathy), Patello femoral syndrome, Osgood Schlatter’s syndrome,

Foot and Ankle

Ankle Ligament sprains, High ankle sprains, Stress fractures, Plantar fasciitis

When treating Sports Injuries

Depending on your type of sport and the injury sustained, at the Performance Therapy Clinic a full functional assessment, will be carried out to identify the type of injury and any associated impairments, therefore ensuring the injury is correctly treated and rehabilitated. An individualised Neuromuscular Physical Therapy plan is then implemented utilizing specific tests and measures for your injury.

The period of time required to rehabilitate any athlete or sports person will depend initially, on the grade of injury. The identification of the correct diagnosis with the professional application of the correct treatment is required to prevent the reoccurrence of injury while efficiently returning to your sport as soon as possible.

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